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Yeah the report I said said that they think cluster headaches are to do with the part of the brain that regulates the body clock because sufferers always tend to get them at about the same time of day. It also said there's very little, so far, to help. But I think maybe they said there was one type of medication that made them slightly less intense? Idk, your doctors will know I guess!
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thanks! this was actually really helpful but also kinda depressing because that means my maintenance meds are shit. I’ll bring it up with the doctor tomorrow. respect, man. 

Are the migraines really long lasting, or really short sharp ones (like literally no more than a couple of minutes of near agony). I heard of a thing recently called cluster headaches, which are the latter, are very annoying, and a lot of doctors don't even know about them. Most people get them misdiagnosed as a type of migraine and yeah, thought I'd pass on the word!
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I have cluster headaches in the morning (i think???). I get them every morning, but nothing helps them and I have migraines more then 4 to 5 times a month. it’s a bitch and a half, tbh. I can’t keep up with my doctor. I just show up for the shots and the shit they funnel into my body and wait for it to help, honestly. thanks for passing it on. I’m asking for a med change on Tuesday, so I’ll ask if they have something more effective for cluster headaches. ~~

fucking sick of these migraines, gonna rip my brain out of my skull—i would call my neurologist incompetent but that would imply that i’m being truthful with him, so i’m actually dumping this load of shit all over myself and then having the audacity to bitch about it on the internet—gotta love us millenials

The only damn picture of me in full cosplay KINDA and you can’t see shit. After a long long day in Toronto. Behold, the shitty bathroom selfie. 

there is no point to that ask if you don’t follow it up with “you’re ugly/a bitch/a cunt/a slut" btw 

You’re hot, great blog etc.
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who is best girl, asuka or rei?
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